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The 5 Best Books for Learning How to Use Quicken

How to Use Quicken Personal Finance Software


Although Quicken has excellent help resources right in the software, you may prefer the step-by-step tutorials and tips in these books. Use any of these books to learn how to use Quicken for the first time, or keep one on hand for a quick reference when you customize the software or you're learning to use a new money management feature.

The books cover Quicken for Windows.

Quicken 2012 the Official Guide

Quicken 2012 The Official Guide is a comprehensive manual for using quicken.
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Quicken 2012 - The Official Guide includes thorough explanations and complete tutorials for using the software, including the new budget in Quicken 2012. This comprehensive 600-plus word guide is best for Quicken users who already have some knowledge of the personal finance software or for novices who are interested putting some time into tweaking the money management tools.
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Quicken 2012 Quicksteps

Learn how to use Quicken personal finance software with Quicken 2012 Quicksteps.
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This book is a full-color guide with step-by-step examples and helpful sidebars and is divided into two parts. The first part goes over navigating the user interface and managing financial accounts, credit cards and loans. Part two covers Quicken's tools for tracking investments, financial planning, budgeting, and tax tools.

Quicken 2012 Quicksteps is packed with images, so it's great for anyone who is new to Quicken or who learns better by seeing how tasks are performed.
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Quicken 2011 for Dummies

Quicken 2011 for Dummies teaches you how to use Quicken personal finance software.
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In Quicken 2011 for Dummies, each feature is explained first in plain language anyone can understand, then more details are added to build on the basics. The humorous side bars add fun to learn how to use your personal finance software, and the book includes a list of frequently asked questions and trouble shooting tips. This book works well for any level of Quicken user, and beginners will especially appreciate how it's written.
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Quicken 2011 the Official Guide

This book includes tons of tips and and fill tutorials for using your personal finance software, and covers all new features in Quicken 2011. There are 635 pages of information in Quicken 2011 the Official Guide. Although this guide could be a bit overwhelming for beginners, it is the most thorough choice for a Quicken how-to book.
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Quicken 2011 Quicksteps

Quicken 2011 Quicksteps has a very visual format as explained above for the Quicken 2012 version of the book. Use this book to learn about using shortcuts in Quicken and alternative ways of accomplishing tasks. Includes a good amount of bonus information for using your personal finance software, and it especially good for novice users.
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