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Change the Way Quicken Works with Account Register Preferences


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Choose Quicken Register Options
Set a color for different types of accounts in Quicken.

Set Quicken Account Register Colors

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The first options you see are the main Quicken register preferences.

Register Fields: Change the way date, memo and tags are displayed in registers.

Data Entry:

  • Automatically enter split data. Automatically open the split transaction dialog when entering transactions.
  • Automatic categorization. Select to have Quicken suggest categories for transactions.
  • Automatically place decimal points. Works with the pop-up calculator, which you see in the Payment or Deposit field when entering transactions. Select this setting to automatically enter decimal points two places to the left on the calculator.

Register appearance:

  • Show transaction toolbar. Select to see Enter, Edit and Split when a transaction is selected or being entered in registers. Choose this unless you use Quicken shortcut keys.
  • Show Attach button. Used for Quicken Attachments.
  • Gray reconciled transactions: Makes it easier to differentiate reconciled from unreconciled transactions.
  • Maximize register view. Gives individual transactions more space on your screen.
  • Fonts. Select font to be used in registers.
  • Colors. Assign different colors to account types.
  • Remove memorized transactions not used in ___ months. Suggested setting is 6 months. Select to have Quicken remove memorized payees which have not been used in the number of months specified from the Memorized Payee List.
  • Keep register filters after Quicken closes. Register filters are used to view only certain transactions, and are accessed under View on the register toolbar. Choose this setting to keep filters in place each time you use Quicken, which is not something most people want to do.

Click on OK to save changes and close Quicken Preferences, or click on one of the other preference selections before saving changes.

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