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Quicken Savings Goals Tutorial


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Introduction to Quicken Savings Goals
Quicken savings goals are a way to save for planned purchases

Quicken Savings Goals

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This tutorial covers all you need to know about using Quicken savings goals.

Savings goals represent money held in regular accounts that is set aside for a specific purpose, like a vacation or a new flat screen TV. Money transferred into a savings goal remains in the original account but is hidden so you do not spend it until you want to. You can tell Quicken to show the hidden savings transfer in an account at any time.

In addition to hiding savings goal amounts in account registers, Quicken creates an asset account for each savings goal. You can see these asset accounts in the property and debt center and on the account bar.

Because the money allocated to a savings goal doesn't really leave the funding account, neither the account balance or the ability to reconcile accounts is effected.

Naming Savings Goals
When you set up a savings goal, name it something that makes sense to you, like Summer Vacation or New Car. Before you set up a savings goal, look over your category list because you can't give a savings goal the same name as a category.

Savings Goals Amounts and Dates
When you set up a goal, you need to know the total amount you need to save to meet your personal savings goals and the target date by which you want to have saved the total amount.

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