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How to Import Microsoft Money Files to Quicken


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Open Quicken, Convert and Import
How to import Microsoft Money accounts and transactions to Quicken.

Converting and Importing Microsoft Money Data to Quicken

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You Already Use Quicken
  1. If you've been using Quicken, don't import MS Money data into your current Quicken data file. Start a new file as discussed in step 2 of this tutorial. This is the file that you will be using when you convert and import the data from Money.
  2. Click on File, File Import and Microsoft Money file. A window will pop up that should have your Money data file in it. If this is the case, double click on your Money file and start the conversion. If your Money data file isn't listed in the pop window, you will have to navigate to where this file is saved and select it.
You Haven't Entered Transactions Into Quicken Yet

If you installed Quicken and went through the set up process and have named a new data file, but you've not entered transactions, you can use this procedure. If you haven't installed Quicken, do so now and follow these steps:

  1. Open Quicken. You will be given options for starting a new file, opening a Quicken data file or importing data from Microsoft Money (if you don't see this, refer to the procedure for those who already use Quicken). Select the option for importing Money data.
  2. Quicken will find your .mny Money data file and will start converting. If you have multiple Money data files that you want to convert, follow the steps for Already Installed Quicken above for the remaining data files.
  3. While the file is converting, you may see one or more error messages about account names, payee memos or other things being truncated, although you shouldn't if you've followed the previous steps in this tutorial. Quicken will offer a Review Log if there were any problems with data conversion. Read it to see if you'll need to fix any category or account names. You can also get to the Review Log by clicking on File, Log Files, Microsoft Money File Import Results.
  4. After the conversion completes, you'll see Read Next Steps. Click on this and read the instructions given.
  5. Once you close the Next Steps window, your converted file will open.
After running the Quicken Data Converter on Microsoft Money data, Quicken opens and prompts you to update the data to the most current version. Go ahead and update the data.

Your Microsoft Money data will now be imported into a Quicken data file. You will need to make some adjustments and additions since the Data Converter can't convert all characteristics of Microsoft Money accounts.

Click on Help, Quicken Help, New to Quicken to learn more about how to use Quicken. Quicken is not difficult to use, but many functions are handled differently than in Microsoft Money.

If you have trouble with your Money to Quicken data conversion, refer to the Quicken Support page.

Once you have your data converted, take a look at How to Use Quicken.

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