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How Do I Find My Quicken Version?


Quicken 2013 runs on Windows desktops and includes mobile apps.

Quicken 2013 has versions for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Question: How Do I Find My Quicken Version?
Knowing the version you are running for Quicken personal finance software is helpful when troubleshooting a problem and for determining if you have the most recent software update.
Answer: To determine the version of Quicken installed on a computer:
  1. Open Quicken and click on Help.
  2. Click on About Quicken and it see Quicken [year], Release R(x), with R(x) being the last update you installed.

To find the latest update release available for your Quicken version:

  1. Go to the Quicken Update Index.
  2. Click on your Quicken version, which is Quicken [year]. (Example: Quicken 2013).
  3. Scroll down until you see the list of download files. The file at the top of the list is the most recent release, and it will have R(x) in the file name with (x) representing the update release number.
  4. If this R(x) does not match the R(x) you found when you checked the Quicken version installed on your computer, you need to update Quicken.
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