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Can I Download PayPal Transactions into Quicken?


Question: Can I Download PayPal Transactions into Quicken?
Quicken 2008 and later supports automatic PayPal downloads. These downloads used to be troublesome, but now should happen smoothly. If your PayPal account resets and won't download into Quicken, then follow these steps.
Answer: Set up your PayPal account as a cash account to download and import PayPal transactions as described in this tutorial.

  • If you later want to set up Quicken to automatically download PayPal transactions, create a PayPal account (Quicken 2008 and later) or a checking account, download your PayPal transactions and after confirming that your account balance is correct in Quicken, delete the cash account created here for QIF downloads.
Downloading QIF transactions from PayPal to a Quicken cash account is a two step process. First you must download and save a file from PayPal, then you must import that file into the correct cash account in Quicken.

  1. Log on to your PayPal account at PayPal.com.
  2. Click on My Account if you are not already in this section of PayPal.
  3. Click on the History subtab, between Withdraw and Resolution Center.
  4. See the History menu bar on the left in PayPal, click on Download My History.
  5. You have two choices for date ranges to download:
  • Custom Date Range: enter dates from and to that you want to downloaded to Quicken.
  • Last Download to Present: do not enter a date range, this option downloads all transactions since you last downloaded PayPal history for use in Quicken.

  • Select the file type Quicken - QIF for the downloaded PayPal transactions from the File Types for Download selection menu under the date range method you selected.
  • Click on Download History on the bottom right.
  • Save the PayPal History Download to your desktop for easy access. By default, the file name is Download.qif; change the file name if you wish. You will delete this file once you import it.
  • If you see a message that says the QIF file is for use with Microsoft Money, ignore it.
  • Click on Save to download the PayPal History file to your computer.
  • Now that you have downloaded your PayPal transactions, you must import the transactions into your Quicken account.
    1. Select the account you want to download the transactions to in the account bar or the account list (Cash Flow/Cash Accounts/Select account).
    2. Click on File/Import/QIF file.
    3. The QIF import window opens. Click on browse to find the downloaded PayPal history transactions.
    4. Click on the box next to Look in: to find the PayPal history QIF download. If you saved the file to your desktop, click on Desktop (may need to scroll up or down to find Desktop) and select the file. Click OK.
    5. Ensure that box next to Quicken account to import into: is your PayPal account.
    6. For Include in import, select Transactions. You may also select any of the other options as well:

    • Memorized Payees - include items from the Memorized Payee List.
    • Account List - include items from the Account List.
    • Special handling for transfers - if you've exported to several QIF files from a number of Quicken accounts in the same file and are using Import to re-create all the transactions by importing from several QIF files. This choice prevents duplicate transfer transactions when you import data from both the to and from accounts involved with transfers.
    • Category List - include items from the Category List.
    • Security Lists - include items from the Security List and the Security Prices List.
    • If you've purchased Quicken Home & Business, select the Business Lists check box to include items from the Invoice Items List and the Business Templates List.

  • Click Next to complete the import. Transactions will now be imported into your PayPal account in Quicken and you can delete the QIF file from your desktop.
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