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Will Your Bank or Other Financial Institution Download Transactions in Quicken?


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Tagging a Quicken Transaction

Courtesy of Intuit
Question: Will Your Bank or Other Financial Institution Download Transactions in Quicken?
Many banks, credit unions, brokerages and other financial institutions automatically download transactions into Quicken personal finance software.
Answer: A few years back, Intuit was charging a licensing fee to financial institutions to be able to download transactions into Quicken using the then-new and always-proprietary QFX download protocol. Financial institutions were passing this fee on to the customer, although most have stopped charging customers for Quicken transaction downloads. Check with your financial institutions before setting up transactions downloads to determine if you can do so for free. first to ensure that data downloads are free, especially if you use a regional bank or credit union. If one of your financial institutions isn't listed, you can always download and import the transactions yourself. Some financial software users prefer to use this method since the security of the data is entirely in their hands. However, whether you download directly into your software or do the work yourself, the data is always encrypted and is very secure. No one at Quicken ever sees your financial information.
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