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What are Quicken Attachments?


Selecting Quicken attachments in an account register.

Selecting Quicken attachments in an account register.

Question: What are Quicken Attachments?
Quicken Attachments are used to document transactions or financial accounts.
Answer: Quicken attachments are notes, flags, alert or digital images you can associate with, or attach to, transactions and accounts. The digital images can be receipts, account statements, invoices - anything on paper that you can scan to a digital image file or save from a web page.

Quicken image attachments are handy for being able to quickly find and refer back to documentation associated with your financial transactions and accounts.

Useful Quicken image attachments:

  • The receipt for your tax software so you can claim it as a deduction on your income taxes.

  • The quarterly report statement for an investment account you track in Quicken.

  • The receipt for a job-related expense that you have submitted on an expense report. Attach the expense report to the transaction as well.

  • The warranty for the espresso maker you just purchased.
Learn How to Use Quicken Attachments

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