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How to Install Quicken Personal Finance Software

Working with Old and New Data Files


Quicken Starter Edition provides basic tools for managing your financial accounts all in one place.

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You can't run two versions of Quicken personal finance software on your computers, so when you install a new version, Quicken will uninstall the previous version. A copy of your data file in the format compatible with your current version of Quicken will also be saved in the event you decide to return to the old version for some reason.

Back Up Data

Although Quicken makes a back up of your data file for you, it is always the best practice to make your own backup copy of data files before beginning any new program installation. Follow this procedure to make a copy of the data file before installing the new software.

Install Quicken

  1. Either place the Quicken install CD into your CD drive, or if you downloaded Quicken, double click on the installation file to start installing the program. Read this FAQ if you can't find the install file on your computer.
  2. If you have an older version of Quicken on your computer, you'll see a warning that it will be uninstalled. Let Quicken uninstall the previous version. Your old data will be converted for use with the new version, and a copy of the old data file will be stored in this folder: Program Files/QUICKEN/DATA.
  3. Next, the install program shows you an overview of new features.

Guided Setup

Finally, you are given the option to choose Skip Guided Setup or Begin Guided setup. If you have been using Quicken for years you can opt to skip the guided set up and the new software will quickly install. If you are new to Quicken or want to see various set up options, choose Begin Guided Setup, but first take a look at the Quicken Guided Setup to be prepared for the options Quicken will give you.

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