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How to Set Up a Budget in Quicken 2011 or Earlier


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Start Creating the Budget
How to Create a Budget from Scratch in Quicken

Open the Budget Creation Window in Quicken

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This tutorial is for Quicken 2011 or earlier versions. To use budgeting tools for Quicken 2012, see How to Set Up a Budget in Quicken 2012.

Three Ways to Start a Budget in Quicken

This tutorial covers creating your brand new budget without using the auto-budget feature, but if you have been using Quicken for awhile, you can also Let Quicken automatically create a budget and then edit it. You can also create a copy of a budget you already set up, which is useful if you want to edit an existing budget without replacing it.

Why Create a Budget from Scratch?

If you have been using Quicken for some time, you may want to create a budget manually to really understand spending patterns while establishing budgeted amounts. You can run a Quicken Category Report to get your average spending amounts, or use the Analyze button in the Quicken Budget Set Up as you set up your budget to see average amount for a category. The Analyze button is explained in Step 5 - Quicken Tools for Budgeting.

If you just started using Quicken, you will need to create a budget manually, from scratch, because Quicken needs several months of transactions to create a meaningful budget for you automatically.

Start Your Budget

To start creating you Quicken budget from scratch, click on Planning at the top of Quicken, then click on Budget. You can also click on the Financial Overview tab in Quicken, then click on the Budget link found under Tools on the right.

Quicken Tip: Quicken will save multiple budgets, but you can only use one budget at a time.

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