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6 Best iPhone Personal Finance Apps

Everyday Money Management Apps for iOS


There's a lot of free and low-cost personal finance apps for iPhone other iOS devices out there, and this list includes some of the most reliable apps. Download on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, or from the App Store in iTunes.

More iOS apps:

Mint iPhone App

Manage budgets, accounts, bills and more with the Mint app for iPhone and iPad.
Mint iOS App Financial Overview and Budgets
Mint Software, Inc.

Mint is one of the most popular apps for iPhone. The Mint app syncs with online app and automatically enters transactions, updates account balances, sends real-time alerts that you set up for low account balances, over budget spending, unusual spending activity and other financial concerns.

  • Cost: Free
  • Apps: iPhone, iPad, Online


Keep track of all of your bills with BillTracker iPhone and iPad app.
List and Calendar Views in BillTracker
BillTracker does just what the name implies: tracks your bills so you always pay them on time. This app handles recurring expenses and keeps a full history with the date that bills were paid. Calendar and list views shows when bills are due, and BillTracker stores payee phone numbers, websites and other information.
  • Cost: $1.99
  • Apps: iPhone, iPad

Check (formerly Pageonce)

Pay your bills and more with Pageonce app for iPhone and iPad.
Check iPhone App
Pageonce, Inc.

Check is another favorite personal financial app for iPhone and iPad users, probably because thousands of bank, credit card and brokerages are supported. Pageonce also supports accounts for your cell phone minutes, frequent flyer rewards and online shopping accounts, and you can set up your account to pay credit card bills (transaction fees extra and debit card required).

  • Cost: Free
  • Apps: iPhone, iPad


SplashMoney is fully-featured personal finance iPhone app.
SplashMoney iPhone App
SplashData, Inc

SplashMoney is a personal finance iPhone app with a good set of money management features. Connect wirelessly to online banking using secure encryption and synchronize (optional) with SplashMoney Desktop, which is purchased separately.

  • Cost: $2.99
  • Apps: iPhone, iPad


Pocket Money iPhone app supports several languages.
PocketMoney Spending Graph
Catamount Software

PocketMoney promises to keeps data entry to a minimum on your iOS device while offering tools for tracking accounts, budgeting, spending analysis and backing up and exporting financial data. Quicken and Microsoft Money users can export data to PocketMoney, make changes, then import that data back to the desktop software.

PocketMoney is available in over a dozen languages and multiple currencies. You can try this app before you buy it by downloading PocketMoney Lite, a slightly less-featured free version.

  • Cost: $4.00
  • Apps: iPhone, iPad


The budgeting feature on moneystrands iPhone app is really slick.
moneyStrands iPhone App Budget Feature
Strands, Inc.

The moneyStrands iPhone app shows all your account balances in one place, transactions and other financial informatio,n and has customizable alerts. The budget tool is especially slick in this app, and you can add and delete budgets and track individual account updates. Unfortunately, at the time this was written, the moneyStrands online app which syncs with the mobile app did not offer automatic transaction downloads from financial institutions.

  • Cost: Free
  • Apps: iPhone, iPad, Online
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