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5 Ways to Manage Money on Your Smartphone or Tablet

iOS and Android Personal Finance Apps


Using a mobile app on your smartphone is a great way to stay on top of your finances. Here are five tips explaining how you can manage money with apps for iPhoneAndroid, or on other smartphones.

1. Enter Information at Your Convenience

Woman using smartphone
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If you use personal finance software on your Smartphone or iPhone, you can enter financial transactions at any time, where ever you are. Enter cash or other transactions in the grocery store parking lot, between classes, on your lunch break or while you wait for a meeting to start. If you travel for business, adding transactions on the road saves time when reporting expenses. Categorizing transactions right after you make them reduces guesswork later on if you download transactions and keep a budget.


2. Synchronize Desktop Software with Mobile Data

Businessman managing his finances on mobile phone and tablet
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Enter financial transactions and other data on your mobile device or desktop software, then synchronize the two to always have up-to-date financial information. Smartphone personal finance apps often synchronize data with Windows or Mac financial software or online personal finance software.

Even if you don't use desktop financial software along with a Smartphone or iPhone app, synchronizing the data is a great way to have a back up if your mobile device is damaged. You also may want to view or print reports at some point, which is easier to do with desktop financial software.

3. Up-to-Date Financial Accounts, Anywhere

Pageonce Personal Assistant Android app tracks personal finances and online accounts.
Pageonce Personal Assistant Android AppPageonce, Inc.

Need to keep an eye on account balances when you are away from your computer? Personal finance software apps for your Smart Phone is the solution. For example, investors can keep an eye on their portfolio on a mobile device and parents can check on children's savings accounts.

4. Real-Time Budgeting

Personal Finance Android App Easy Envelope Budget Aid
Easy Envelope Budget Aid (EEBA)Dayspring Technologies, Inc.

The top financial software for Smartphones, iPhone and Android devices have good budgeting capabilities. If your financial app supports budgeting, you will always know whether you can afford an extra latte after lunch.

5. Get Help with Income Taxes

Do your taxes on your iphone or Android with SnapTax.
TurboTax SnapTax / Intuit

Mobile computing has become so advanced that now you can use your Android or iPhone for help with doing your income taxes. Some tax apps even help you complete and e-f ile a 1040EZ.

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