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Top Android Personal Finance Apps

Manage Money on your Android Device


There are a variety of personal finance apps for Android mobile devices, and here are some of the best.

More Android apps:

Nickel Tracker Personal Budgeting App

Track spending with this free personal budgeting Android application.
Wooden Nickel Software
Nickel Tracker is a simple, free Android app that uses the envelope budgeting concept to help you stick to your budget. Set up budget categories with weekly or monthly spending limits, then enter your purchases each day to see the total you've spent for the week or month. Go over budget, and Nickel Tracker alerts you. To analyze your spending with Excel or another spreadsheet, email yourself a monthly summary.

Check for Android

Check for Android tracks personal finances and online accounts.
Check Android AppPageonce, Inc.

Formerly known as Pageonce, this Android app tracks bank accounts, credit cards, bills and investments, and notifies you when bills are due, but there is no budgeting feature. The app tracks cell phone minutes, frequent flyer miles and travel itineraries. Check for Android includes useful non-financial features as well: check your Netflix queue, eBay account, and Facebook and other social networking sites. Set a strong password in Check like you would for any personal finance software, this app accesses many types of accounts and puts them in one place.

My Budget Book

My Budget Book helps you stick to your budget on your Android device.

My Budget Book includes quite a few budget and personal finance reports along with DropBox backup and restore, 5 different themes, and can be set to one of 14 currencies.

Goodbudget (formerly EEBA)

Goodbudget for iOS is a top budget app for 2014.
Dayspring Technologies

If you need to share your budget with others, take a look at Goodbudget for Android. There are a lot of features in this app, and it backs your data up to an online app where you can view some great personal financial reports.  You can read more information in my top budget apps for iOS picks, and download from Google Play using the link below. The Android app is free, but you'll need to subscribe to the online version for full functionality.

Google Wallet

Google Wallet at a NFC terminal at a cash register.

Google Wallet is used to make in-store purchases, and at the time this was written, was only rolled out to Sprint's Nexus S 4G phones. Google Wallet actually goes beyond being an app since it requires special hardware and an NFC terminal.

PayPal Mobile for Android

PayPal Mobile lets you check your PayPal balance and send money
PayPal Mobile for AndroidCopyright © 1999-2010 PayPal. All rights reserved.
PayPal Mobile lets you check your PayPal balance, send money from your account and view transactions on your Android mobile device. Each payment is confirmed by a PIN or password to keep your PayPal account secure.

Mint for Android

The Mint personal finance Android app automatically updates transactions automatically.
Mint.com Android AppMint Software, Inc.

Mint.com for Android automatically updates transactions and account balances, and sends real-time alerts for low account balances, over-budget and unusual spending activity. Mint offers a budgeting feature and real-time account balance updates. Android-specific features include: OS Search to find recent transactions, Mint.com widget with a snapshot of overall cash flow in real-time and Android Live folders for financial updates on your phone's home screen without launching the Mint app.


Financisto is a personal finance Android app that supports multiple multiple currencies.
Financisto for AndroidOrangeSoftware.Ru
Financisto is a personal finance Android app that supports multiple currencies. Other features include scheduled transactions, transfers with downloadable currency rates, attaching photos to transactions, hierarchical spending categories and budgeting features.

Easy Money

Transactions in Easy Money for Android personal finance app
Transactions in Easy Money for AndroidHandy Apps Pte Ltd

Easy Money has a solid set of features with support for recurring transactions, upcoming and overdue bill notifications, customizable financial reports, color coded budgets and transfers between accounts. The Easy Money home screen widget provides an account summary and the ability to add new transactions without opening the app, and there's support for photos of bills and receipts and data can be imported and exported in CSV format for spreadsheet analysis. If you want to use Easy Money for more than 30 days, you'll have to shell out $9.95, but this Android app looks worth it.


DailyCash is a basic personal finance Android app
DailyCash Personal Finance App for AndroidswordiApps
DailyCash is a basic personal finance Android app that supports multiple currencies, and data can be exported in CSV format and emailed. DailyCash is free, and ad supported. Upgrade to the Pro version to go ad-free, set up more accounts, use financial reports, and to be able to save photos with transaction entries.

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