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Android Apps Find the Best Gas Prices

Find Cheap Gas Prices on Your Android


Need to find cheap gas prices in a hurry? You can find the best prices on gas or diesel fuel before you fill your gas tank with these Android apps.


GasBuddy finds the cheapest gas prices in the area on your Android.
GasBuddy for AndroidGasBuddy.com
GasBuddy for Android finds the best prices on gas at stations you search on by city, zip code or by using your phone's location. Searches can be sorted by price or nearest location, or use the Map View to bring up a Google map with stations located in the area.

Gas prices are updated by members of GasBuddy.com and includes prices for all three grades of gas, and diesel fuel. GasBuddy also supplies information about a gas station, like whether it has an ATM or car wash.

GasBuddy is a free Android app.

Dex Mobile

Dex Mobile app for Android finds the cheapest gas.
Dex Mobile for AndroidDex One
Dex Mobile dashboard has rotating icons for accessing the cheapest gas prices in your current location, as well as local events, movies, and businesses, with access to maps and driving directions. If you just want a gas price app on your Android, you should probably skip Dex Mobile, but the extra features can be helpful.

Dex Mobile is a free Android app.

Gas Price Forecast

Buy gas when it's cheapest with Gas Price Forecast Android app.
Gas Price Forecast Android App and WidgetKareem Janoudi
Need to fill the gas tank tomorrow, but wondering if gas prices will go up overnight? Gas Price Forecast for Android uses custom algorithms with your approximate location to come up with a gas price forecast. Gas Price Forecast boasts a 90% accuracy rating (U.S. Forecasts only).

The Gas Price Forecast app costs $.99 after a 10 day free trial, and includes a widget for your Android.

Cheap Gas

Cheap Gas for Android helps you find the cheapest gas station.
Cheap Gas Android AppQuomens
At this time, Cheap Gas is in release 0.9, which means that it's a a very usable beta app, but may have some adjustments before it's ready for version 1.0. Across several websites that cover Android apps, Cheap Gas gets a decent rating, and it's worth a try.

Cheapest Gas is a free Android app.

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