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Pocket Quicken 2.5 - Show Check Numbers or Other References in the Register


Pocket Quicken 2.5 by Landware

Pocket Quicken 2.5 by Landware

When you first install Pocket Quicken 2.5, you may find that your check numbers or other reference field entries do not show in your register. Other reference fields in Pocket Quicken 2.5 might be DEP for deposit or EFT for Electronic Funds Transfer.

To get the Pocket Quicken 2.5 reference field, otherwise known as the Ref field, to show up in a register:

  1. Be sure you are in the register for the account you want the Ref field to appear in.
  2. The first field on the left will be Date. Tap the on the name of the field directly to the right of Date. The field to the right of Date has a little white caret (down arrowhead) next to it.
  3. Select Ref/Payee/Cat, which will be the third choice from the bottom of the list.
  4. You will now be able to view your check numbers and other Ref field entries.

This setting will be in place for all account register views in Pocket Quicken 2.5. If you prefer to view another account without the Ref field, you will need to change the view following the above procedure.

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