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TaxCut Online Introduction


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TaxCut Online Account Setup

TaxCut Online Account Setup

Previous TaxCut Online User

  1. Enter a user name and password if you’ve used TaxCut Online and have set up a user account in the past.

  2. Select the ‘Remember Me’ option to speed up logging in in the future, but do not use this feature if you share your computer with someone who should not see your tax information.

  3. If you forget your user name or password, click on the link for user name and password help.

  4. Click on the link to update account information if you need to do so.

New to TaxCut Online

  1. Click “No” and create an account by filling in the user name and password information. Passwords must be 6-15 characters composed only of numbers, letters and underscores. Special characters such as ‘@’ or ‘$’, or spaces will be rejected.

  2. Click the link to read the H&R Block TaxCut Online Product License and Services Agreement, then click on the checkbox below the account set up to accept the agreement. This agreement covers TaxCut’s licensing, privacy policy, security tips and consent to use electronic communications, among other important information. Take a moment to read it over.

  3. Click on Sign In.
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