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Free Tax Software 2012 for Military Members


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6 Free Tax Software Options for U.S. Armed Forces Members
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Tax software that's designed for members of the U.S. Military includes a customized tax interview that asks questions specific to the tax return of someone in the armed forces. These questions may not be included in other versions of the same tax software, which is usually not free. The interview walks you through preparing your income tax return yourself and will e-File the return, or you can print and mail it in to the IRS.

The six options that follow are free tax software that is available to members of any branch of the U.S. Armed Forces and includes support for deductions that are specific to military members and properly handles combat pay.

  1. TaxSlayer Free Military Tax Software
  2. Military OneSource with H&R Block at Home
  3. TaxACT Free Federal Edition
  4. eSmart Tax Free for Active Duty Military
  5. TurboTax Military Edition
  6. FreeTaxUSA Military Tax Preparation

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