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Is It Safe to eFile Your Tax Return?


Learn about tax software that makes filing income taxes easier, and efile your tax return.

Tax software that makes filing income taxes easier when you eFile your tax return.

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Question: Is It Safe to eFile Your Tax Return?
When you eFile your taxes, you not only transmit tax data, but also credit card or bank account numbers for paying your taxes or having a refund deposited. How do you know e-filing is safe?
Answer: Chances are slim-to-none that your income tax data could be stolen when you eFile, which is more secure than mailing a tax return. An eFiled return is encrypted to prevent any access to data as it moves between your tax software and the IRS or state tax agency you submit the return to.

Verify Tax Software eFile Policy

If you still have concerns about eFiling your tax return, go to the web site for the tax software you want to use and read their privacy policy and search their support pages to learn about the technology they use for eFiling. The tax software should guarantee that it uses the most secure technology available. If you are considering filing a state return electronically, be sure the tax software information includes the same security for state tax agencies.

More Reasons to eFile

Mail gets lost or stolen: Your tax return can get lost in the mail while an eFiled return won't get lost. File electronically, and you get immediate confirmation that your tax return has reached the IRS.

Know when your refund will be deposited: If you have a tax refund coming, eFile and your tax software will tell you when your refund is being processed and when to expect your refund to be deposited.

No transposed numbers: Prepare your tax return on paper and you could make an error when you transfer calculations to your tax forms. Income tax software is required to offer the option to eFile, and the software does all the tax calculations and then double-checks the numbers.

eFiled returns do not pass through human hands: When you mail in a tax return, someone at the IRS has to enter or scan your data into their systems. Keying errors and technical problems can interfere with getting your taxes filed properly. When you eFile, your data goes directly into the IRS systems, bypassing the chance for human error.

The IRS Prefers eFile: Starting with tax year 2010, the IRS stopped mailing Form 1040, Schedule A and other tax-related forms to tax payers. The reason for this is to save around $10 million per year and, according to the IRS, paper forms are becoming obsolete. Read IRS Stops Mailing Tax Forms, Prefers eFile for more information.

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