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I need to file my tax return right away. Help!


Finishing Up Income Taxes

Complete and File Taxes Today

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Question: I need to file my tax return right away. Help!

Need to get your income taxes filed really fast? You have options for getting taxes done today with online, Windows or Mac tax software.

Tax year 2013 income taxes must be filed by April 15, 2014.

Answer: Go Online
When you need to get to work on your taxes right away, the fastest alternative is to use online tax software. Register an account at one of the online tax software services and start working on your taxes in 5 minutes or less.

The second fastest method is to use desktop tax software for your Mac or PC. But, if you need the software right now, don't waste time driving to a retail outlet to find it. Purchase and install a Mac or Windows tax software download and you're ready to roll. Estimated time to get started on taxes: about 10 minutes, if you have your credit card or PayPal information handy.

Use Your iPad

Download one of three very comprehensive tax apps for iPad and get started on your taxes within seconds. One of the time saving features in these apps is the ability to snap a photo of your W-2 form with your iPad and have the information imported into right place on your return.

File An Extension
Filing for an extension is an alternative that allows you to file your taxes after the deadline. Most tax software has an option to file an extension right on the front page of the software, before you start the tax interview, so it's accessible right away. You can also use one of these online tools for filing an extension. Filing an extension only grants you more time to get your tax return in to the the IRS, however, you still must pay income taxes by the due date/ See Should You File an Extension? for details.

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