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4 Online Tools for Free Shipping and Discount Delivery

Find Free Shipping Deals and Low-Cost Delivery Services


Use an online promo code site or a search engine like Google and you will find free shipping and discounted shipping codes for online purchases. And, you will have to click through sea of shipping deals, many of which do not really yield free shipping or shipping discounts at all.

Use the online tools listed here to quickly find free shipping online or to lower your shipping costs.

1. FreeShipping.org

At FreeShipping.org, you can search for free shipping deals by store or by a category.
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FreeShipping.org is very easy to use. Just use the site to search for free shipping deals by store or by a category like electronics or home and garden, and you can sign up to get free shipping alerts via email.
  • Get free shipping with coupon codes from FreeShipping.org or buy clicking through links on the site to the retailer.
  • This information pertains to FreeShipping.org, not FreeShipping.com .

2. Shipping Sidekick

Compare shipping rates for ground and overnight shipping services at Shipping Sidekick.
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When you need to send out packages yourself, you can compare shipping rates for ground and overnight shipping services between UPS, DHL, Fed and USPS on screen at Shipping Sidekick. Shipping Sidekick claims that saving 30% of shipping costs is common. I found a deal to ship a five pound package overnight on Shipping Sidekick for just over $10 with FedEx, which was a huge savings over other overnight shipping options.
  • Check rates without registering at Shipping Sidekick, but free registration is required to ship through the site (which passes you through to eShipper).
  • You will need to tolerate viewing some advertising, but the shipping deals are worth it.

3. uShip

Save money on shipping with uShip where you compare shipping costs.
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uShip is another option to try when you need to send packages. uShip provides an online auction network that matches your shipping needs with delivery services that have some space to fill in trucks that are going where you need your package delivered. List what you are shipping, with dimensions and other details, freight carriers can bid on transporting your shipment, you choose the best shipping deal.
  • Feedback ratings are available on uShip so you can see what kind of track record a shipper has before you sign up to ship with them.
  • uShip has tools for eBay shipping and large shipments, like boats and vehicles.

4. Free Shipping on Ebates.com

Free Shipping on Ebates.com
Ebates.com Free Shipping Search
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Ebates returns a portion of the cost of your purchase to you and this site has many free shipping deals. When I searched for free shipping deals on Ebates, the results were a long list of online retailers with free shipping plus rebates for 1% - 9% of my purchase. Ebates is very well organized and easy to navigate.
  • Enter "free shipping" in the search box at the top of the page at Ebates.com to find free shipping deals.
  • You will need to sign up for a free account to use Ebates. To avoid getting unwanted email, uncheck the box next to "send me offers via email" when you enter your email address and password.

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