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The Best Online Bill Pay Services

Online Bill Pay Saves Time, Eliminates Paper


Use an online bill pay service to set up a secure online account to pay all your bills from one place. Online bill pay saves time and automated payments eliminate late payments. Read on for more information about the best online bill pay services.


PayTrust is an online bill payment service with more features than other online bill pay choices.
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Use PayTrust and you will probably never receive another paper bill again. This online bill pay service pays any company or any individual in the U.S. Images of bills and payment information are retained for 7 years, and you can get a CD with yearly bill payment data on it.

PayTrust costs $12.95 each month, but offers more features than free or less expensive bill pay services.

Quicken Bill Pay

Quicken Bill Pay works with Quicken desktop financial software.
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Quicken Bill Pay is an online bill pay service that will work with Quicken personal finance software, but he software is not necessary to use the service.

Although not as feature-packed as PayTrust, Quicken Bill Pay offers many of the same features at a lower price of $9.95 per month. Quicken Bill Pay offers a 1 month free trial.


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Billeo is a free web browser add-on that automates and organizes online bill payments. Billeo works with the most popular web browsers, like Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome.

Billeo can make online payments using a credit card where you would otherwise pay with a check or transfer money from a savings account. This is a plus if your credit card has cash back or another reward system. Billeo reminds you when it's time to pay a bill, then securely automates the online bill payment process while storing payment confirmations.


MyCheckFree is an online bill pay service from FiServe.
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MyCheckFree, from the banking service giant FiServe, is the best free online bill pay service available.

MyCheckFree lets you pay bills online from hundreds of companies. Scout, the bill retriever, is an image of a dog that fetches bills for you, which is kind of corny. But the the price of MyCheckFree (free) makes the dog quite tolerable.

Banks, Brokerages, Credit Cards and Online Financial Apps

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Many banks, brokerages and credit cards offer free online bill payment service from the financial institution's web site. However, these online banking sites may not provide all the features that a dedicated online bill pay service does.

Financial institutions that offer bill pay services usually let you to schedule payments in advance, and if you have a credit card that awards cash back or points for purchases that you pay off every month, using this type of online bill pay is especially beneficial.

Online personal finance software app Yodlee MoneyCenter allows you to set up online bill pay through multiple banks or credit cards. Yodlee does not charge for the service, but check with banks or credit cards you want to use as funding sources to see if they will charge a fee. Another plus to MoneyCenter: Yodlee's Bill Pay Account Accelerator makes it easy to switch funding sources for payments.

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