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How to Find Online Deals with Free Browser Add-ons


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PriceBlink finds the best prices and promo codes as you shop online.

Price Blink Browser Add-on

Add-ons, also know as extensions or apps, for your Internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera or Safari) are all like little modules that make your browser do more than display web pages. Download one of these browser add-ons to save money while you're shopping online to see price comparisons, get coupons, price alert and more.

These money-saving apps work while you shop, and they are available free because the developer collects a small commission from the retailer when you make a purchase.

To find and download these apps, go to your browser's site for add ons:

PriceBlink Browser Add-on

Not only does PriceBlink check for the lowest price for an item you're shopping for online, this apps will also find online coupons so you can save even more. Install the add-on and price comparisons and coupons are accessed from a bar at the top of your browser, and shipping costs are included.

PriceBlink scans over 4,000 shopping web sites to find the best prices, and coupons include codes for free shipping and discounts codes which are reviewed often to avoid expired codes.

PriceBlink won the About.com Reader's Choice Award for best overall add-on in 2012. The app currently works only with U.S. retailers and is developed by PriceBlink.com.

Works with Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer

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