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Quicken Bill Pay: Pay Online or Pay with Quicken


Quicken Bill Pay works with Quicken desktop financial software.

Quicken Bill Pay / Intuit

Use With Quicken or Use Online:

Quicken Bill Pay is an online bill pay service that works with Quicken personal finance software, although the software is not necessary to use the service. Quicken Bill Pay is a service from Intuit, the same company that runs PayTrust online bill pay service.

Cost and Payees that Work with Quicken Bill Pay:

Hundred of companies can be paid with Quicken Bill Pay, which costs $9.95/month for 20 payments. Each additional 5 payments cost $2.49, which means you could end up paying nearly $15 a month for 26 or 27 payments. At this time, Quicken Bill Pay has a 1 month free trial.

Quicken Bill Pay Features:

  • Email notifications when bills arrive.
  • Payments made online at the Quicken Bill Pay site are automatically transferred into Quicken desktop software.
  • Set up repeating payments for bills that vary from month-to-month as well as fixed monthly amounts.
  • View full bill details.
  • Pay bills from Quicken software or Quicken Bill Pay site.
  • Pay from up to 10 accounts at multiple banks.
  • On-time payment guarantee: late fees paid up to $50 if a bill is paid late..
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