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MyCheckFree: Pay Bills Online for Free


MyCheckFree is an online bill pay service from FiServe.

MyCheckFree Online Bill Pay Demo

MyCheckFree Retrieves and Pays Bills:

MyCheckFree is an online bill pay service from the respected financial service company, FiServ. Scout, the bill retriever/gold retriever, "fetches" your online bills from one secure web site. I could do without the dog retrieving bills, but MyCheckFree is free, so Scout is tolerable.

Payees That Work with MyCheckFree:

MyCheckFree pays bills from hundreds of companies for free. You can check what companies work with MyCheckFree before you sign up.

MyCheckFree Features:

  • Make immediate, online emergency payments to over 100 companies (may require a fee).
  • Online bills and payment information stored for at least 6 months.
  • Late payment guarantee: Fiserv pays up to $50 in late fees if a bill is not paid on time.
  • Schedule payments up to a year in advance.
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