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How to Install Microsoft Money Personal Finance Software

Install From Free Download or Software CD


The procedure below mentions a Microsoft Money software CD. If you are using a CD to install, you don't have the latest version of Money. You can download the free Microsoft Money Plus Sunset Deluxe instead, if you want to. If you install the software from the download, skip to Step 2 below.

Before You Install Money

You must be logged into Windows as an administrator to be able to install Microsoft Money.

If you want to leave an older version of Microsoft Money on your computer, Money will ask if it should be removed. You need to answer 'No' to keep both versions. Read Running Two Versions of Microsoft Money on One Computer for more details. If you don't want the older version on your computer, let the installation remove the older version.

Begin Installing Microsoft Money

  1. If you have a Microsoft Money software CD, place it in your computer's CD or optical drive. The CD should begin the installation on its own. If it does not:
  • Click Start on the Windows taskbar, and then click Run.
  • In the Open box, type D:\setup (where D represents the letter of CD/optical drive, our drive letter may be different).
  • Click OK.

  • If you downloaded Microsoft Money, locate the set up file in the folder you specified the download to save to (or on your desktop if you directed the download there). Double click on the installation file.
  • You will see Microsoft Money extracting files to start the setup. If you need to re-install or repair Money in the future, you will need to double click on the install file again, or run the software CD again. Click on OK.

    Welcome to Money setup screen: this screen reveals the licensing agreement. This agreement covers using the software legally, and not altering it or sharing it with others who have not paid for it. It is best to read through the agreement, then click on 'I Accept' to accept the terms.

    The next screen says, 'Initialize', then 'Installing'. When you see 'Money is ready to go!' click on Finish and the installation is complete.

    Starting Up for the First Time

    To start Money, double click on the program icon it has installed to your desktop. If you do not see a desktop icon click on Start, All Programs, Microsoft Money.

    You now have two options: convert and use an existing Money data file, or create a new file and enter your account data from scratch. If you haven't used Money before or don't want to convert the existing data file for some reason, see Creating a New File in Microsoft Money.

    Convert an Existing Data File

    If you have been using and earlier version of Microsoft Money, back up your data file to removable media such as a CD or USB drive. If you have multiple data files, be sure to back them all up.

    If Microsoft Money finds a copy of a data file from Quicken or an earlier version of Money, it will convert your data file to a format that is usable in the software. Microsoft Money saves a backup of the original file in case you wish to revert back to the old version of the software but it is best to have done your own back up first as mentioned above.

    If you have more than one data file, Money offers to convert only the last file used in the older version. If you go with this option, the software will offer to convert other data files from earlier versions when you try to open them.

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