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How to Set Up an Investment Account in Microsoft Money

Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Fund and More


Since Microsoft stopped selling Money and offered up Money Plus Sunset Deluxe, the method for setting up accounts has changed. To review those changes, see Setting up Investment Accounts in Microsoft Money Plus.

Tracking an investment portfolio in Microsoft Money involves three steps:

  1. Setting up an investment account in Microsoft Money
  2. Adding investments to investment accounts
  3. Adding investment transactions (buy, sell, splits, etc.)in Microsoft Money

This tutorial covers the first step.

Investment Accounts vs. Investment Transactions

Use investment accounts in Microsoft Money to store individual investments such as stocks, bonds, education IRAs, mutual funds, CDs, or U.S. Savings Bonds. The Microsoft Money investment account holds a compilation of your individual investment transactions. For example you may have a brokerage account with Fidelity, and you’ve purchased stock in Microsoft and WalMart. You need to set an account up to represent Fidelity in Microsoft Money and then enter or download the investment transactions for Microsoft and WalMart.

Before You Get Started:

You need the latest account statement for each account you wish to create in Microsoft Money. You will need to get balance information from these statements.

Set up an Investment Account

  1. Go into the Portfolio Manager:
    • Click on the Investing tab.
    • See My Investing Tools on the left, about halfway down the screen.
    • Click on Portfolio Manager.

  2. See Common tasks on the left and click on Work with accounts.

  3. Click on Add an account.

  4. Choose your account type and click Next.

  5. Select your financial institution. Start by clicking on the letter that corresponds with the first letter of the name of the bank or brokerage, then click on the name from the list. Click Next. If your brokerage is not listed: proceed to My Financial Institution Isn’t Listed.

  6. Respond to questions Microsoft Money asks you about having sign-in information for your financial institution. You will see an option to enter this information later on, or to sign up for this service right now.

  7. Answer Money’s questions accordingly and your investments will be downloaded to the account if you choose to do so now. When you are finished you will be at the Microsoft Money Account list under the Banking tab.

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