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New Features in Quicken 2014 Desktop and Mobile Apps


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First Look at Quicken 2014
Use Quicken 2014 on your Windows PC and sync to your iOS or Android mobile devices.

Quicken 2014 Desktop Software and Mobile Apps

Intuit / Quicken

Quicken 2014 personal finance software for Windows has some really helpful new features. While the new mobile app for iOS and Android phones and tablets takes front stage, the desktop software improvements add convenience to Quicken 2014, an already feature-packed money management software.

Bill Reminders and Register Balances

The account registers have been improved so that you can see scheduled transactions, otherwise known as bill reminders in Quicken, in the register. Upcoming unpaid bills can be set to show up below transactions that have been entered, shaded so they are easy to find, along with the running balance in the account. The value in this feature is that it helps the user to determine if they have sufficient funds in the account to cover upcoming bills. If you want to turn on bill reminders, which are turned off by default, click on an icon on the upper right in your account register.

What I really like about the bill reminders in the register is that you can customize which reminders you see. Choose bills that are coming up in a week, two weeks, a year and other time frames.

Budget Tool and One Step Updates

You can now budget right down to the penny with Quicken 2014 because the budget tool includes cents with dollar amounts. Don't want to budget for anything less than a dollar? The cents option can be turned off or on.

The One Step Update is how Quicken downloads transactions from multiple financial institutions using one password that you set up. The One Step Update now gives users a summary screen once transactions are downloaded from accounts. Errors can happen with these downloads - sometimes it's an Internet glitch, or your bank may be requiring you to set a new password every few months. If there's a problem with a download, the summary screen gives the option to click on "Fix It", then Quicken 2014 walks you through fixing the problem.

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