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Quicken 2014 New Features


Quicken 2014 Release Date and Expected Features
Quicken Premier 2014
Intuit Inc.

Update October 1, 2014
See my Quicken 2014 feature review for firm details on what's new in this year's software. There is a new mobile app, and the desktop software has some nice enhancements as well. Although I noted some great deals on Quicken 2013, I think Quicken 2014 is the better software.

The release of Quicken 2014 is coming soon, and I've done some research to answer questions about what to expect from this year's personal finance software and when you will be able to buy it.

When Will Quicken 2014 Release?

Quicken personal finance software has been selling a new version annually for years now. Based on information that was published on Amazon.com a few days ago, I expect this year's Quicken 2014 to be released on or around October 2, 2014. That information has since been removed from Amazon.

What's New in Quicken 2014?

It's not easy to figure out what new or improved features will be included with Quicken 2014 before it releases, but I've been able to dig up a few specifics.

  • A mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets was released with Quicken 2013. It looks like Quicken 2014 will have a new app, and that app will only work with the 2014 desktop version of the software. Here's a quote pulled from the Quicken Deluxe 2014 page on Sam's Club, although that page is not set up for orders yet: "The Quicken 2014 app is a companion app and will work only with purchase of the Quicken 2014 desktop product. Earlier version(s) of the Quicken app are not compatible with Quicken 2014 desktop product."
  • The Quicken 2014 mobile app will include the ability to snap a photo of receipts with the camera on your phone and store those receipts. This is especially useful for Quicken Home & Business users to keep track of tax deductible expenses. You can see how this works in this YouTube video.
  • All Quicken 2014 versions will run on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. You'll need 450 MB of hard drive space to load the software. A minimum of 1 GB of memory is recommended, but I suggest more RAM to avoid sitting and waiting for Quicken's tools and account registers to load.
Quicken 2014 Prices

The prices I've been able to find are around $65 for Quicken Deluxe to $105 for Quicken 2014 Home & Business. This is down by $5 compared to prices at the release of Quicken 2013 last year. Intuit requires that Quicken be upgraded every three years. If you buy Quicken 2014 and stick with it, you'll be buying Quicken 2017 next unless you decide to upgrade sooner.

Save on Quicken 2013

From what I've found across the Web, Quicken 2013 prices are dropping in anticipation of the 2014 release. If the latest features that may be coming don't matter that much to you, you can save between $20 and $45 on Quicken 2013, depending on the version. Find the best prices and compare features below:

Pros and Cons of Quicken Personal Finance Software

Good Points

  • Quicken has its own aggregator, and it automatically downloads transactions from just about any financial institution.
  • Quicken's budget tool was repaired last year, compared to the wonky budgeting features in Quicken 2012.
  • Quicken Deluxe probably has every personal financial management tool you need, and Quicken Premier adds advanced investment tracking.
  • I expect that the new mobile apps will smoothly import transactions into the desktop software, which was not the case at first with last year's app. My guess is that Quicken developers learned a few things about transferring data between desktop and mobile apps over the last year.
Improvements Needed


  • Going by Quicken's Facebook page, customer service is difficult to work with. I've haven't had to contact support for over a decade, before Quicken could be downloaded and was installed from a disk. But, plenty of others do need help and they are having a hard time getting through.
  • While Quicken has a ton of features for managing just about all aspects of your personal finances, the first annual release for the past few years have each had some bugs. This happens despite a decent beta testing program. It may be better to wait until a few months after Quicken 2014 releases to but it in case there are some problems that need working out this year, too.
I will be publishing a Quicken 2014 review once the software is released. Use the links at the top of the page to follow my blog, Facebook page, Twitter or Google+ to get updates. You can also sign up for my newsletter.

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