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What Software Can Replace Microsoft Money?


What Software Can Replace Microsoft Money?

The full version of Microsoft Money personal finance software has been replaced by Money Plus Sunset Deluxe, which does not include tech support or Internet services. Here are three options for finding Microsoft Money replacement software.

3 Options for Microsoft Money Replacement Software

  1. Take a look at my list of desktop personal finance software choices to narrow down your options for Microsoft Money replacement software. The majority of the software listed comes with a free trial, so it will cost nothing to experiment to find what works best.
  2. If you can do without automatic transaction downloads and a few other features that require Internet access, Microsoft Money Plus Sunset Deluxe is likely to be your best option. This version of Money is free and although it doesn't have all the features that you enjoyed in MS Money when it was sold, Sunet Deluxe is free.
  3. You could also switch to online personal finance software, which has benefits like never having to install the software or updates. The security in online financial software is generally as secure as your bank's online banking site and uses data encryption and other methods of keeping data safe.

Learning to Use the New Personal Finance Software

You will have a slight learning curve with navigating any new personal finance software that replaces Microsoft Money. Some aspects of the new personal finance software will be easy to use for former Microsoft Money users, but be patient as you learn how to get around in the software. Remember to use the Help menu in the new software go learn how to use features that work a bit differently than in Microsoft Money.

Is Quicken a Good Microsoft Money Replacement?

Quicken is often the first option considered for replacing Microsoft Money, and as very robust personal finance software, it can work well. However, Quicken (read review) is relatively expensive, has no free trial, and has had it's share of 'hiccups' here and there. Quicken has a Microsoft Money data converter, but some Money data will not transfer due to the differences in database structures. Consider Quicken, but you need to try other personal finance software as well.

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