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Microsoft Money Plus 2008 New Features

Microsoft Money 2008 is Renamed Money Plus


You will not be able to find Microsoft Money 2008 in any retail outlets. That is because Money's new name is Microsoft Money Plus with Deluxe, Premium and Home & Business versions, and Microsoft Money Essentials.

Microsoft Money Plus includes the Saving and Spending Budget, which was the most notable new feature last year in Microsoft Money 2007, with the additional features listed here. After you read up on features here, be sure to read my Microsoft Money Plus 2008 Review.

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The Microsoft Money Cash Flow Insights for your desktop.Microsoft Money Plus Cash Flow InsightThe Microsoft Money Plus Cash Flow Insights for your desktop.Microsoft Money Plus Spending InsightsMicrosoft Money Plus adds Bills Insight desktop widgets to its feature base. Microsoft Money Plus Bills InsightsMicrosoft Money Plus includes the MSN Money Markets Dashboard.MSN Money Markets Dashboard in Microsoft Money Plus
Paperclip in Microsoft Money Plus Register indicates a transaction attachment.Microsoft Money Plus Deluxe Features and Transaction AttachmentsMicrosoft Money Plus Premium Personal Finance SoftwareMicrosoft Money Plus Premium and Home & Business FeaturesMicrosoft Money Plus Home & Business - track your small business and personal finances in one place.System Requirements for Microsoft Money Plus
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