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Take the Headche Out of Organizing Receipts

Software and Apps Manage Your Receipts


Have a ton of receipts to organize? These software and mobile app options will help you get expense reports done faster, document tax-deductible expenses, keep insurance records or manage receipts for any reason. The online and mobile apps generally use bank level security.

Organize Receipts Online

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Store your receipts in the cloud with an online service and you can stay organized and create expense reports anywhere you can hop on the Internet. If you frequently manage a lot of receipts and you have downtime while commuting or traveling, using an online receipt and expense reporting service is a great choice. Here are my picks for online apps the organize receipts. Some of these have built in expense reporting tools.

Mobile Apps Organize Receipts and Expense Reports

Manage money on a Smartphone, iPhone, Blackberry or Android.
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With the constant improvements in mobile technology and cameras on mobile devices like iPhone, Android and Blackberry, using a mobile app to organize receipts and expense reports makes short work of the task compared to using desktop or online software. Mobile apps store expense report data in the cloud to save space on your phone, and some work with an online app. Here are four receipt organizing mobile apps that I like.

Receipt Scanning Software

Organize receipts, and personal finance documents with NeatReceipts Scanalizer Pro.
NeatReceipts Pro Scanalyzer Software
There are good desktop software options for Mac and Windows that can be used with your current scanner, and there are small mobile scanners that easily pack away for time away from the office. You start up the software and run receipts through the scanner that's powered by a USB connection to your computer. Data is pulled from the receipt into the software while a copy of the receipt is saved, and most of the time, you don't have to enter or correct any of the information.

If this sounds like the solution for you, check out 5 Scanner and Software Bundles for Managing Receipts and Expense Reports.

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