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12 Top Mac Personal Finance Software

Manage Money on Your Mac


Looking for personal finance software for your Mac? Here are a dozen choices, whether you're looking for a powerful software that can manage all facets of your finances or a simple app to keep accounts balanced and to maintain a budget. You'll find many options that sync with an iPhone or iPad app.

iBank 4

iBank 4 has all the personal finance features you need and easy to use account registers.
iBank 4 is a copyright of IGG Software, LLC

iBank 5 is now available, with improvements to already solid software and optional automatic transaction downloads.

iBank 4 is fully-featured personal finance software for Mac that is uncluttered and easy to use. iBank 4 offers an integrated browser to import transactions from banking sites that won't download transactions directly. You can manage your budget in a traditional row and column budget, or you can use the envelope budgeting option.

$59.99, free 30-day trial, special upgrade pricing.


Manage money and your budget on your Mac with MoneyWell.
MoneyWellNo Thirst Software
MoneyWell's spending categories look like buckets displayed with the dollar amount available. As income is recorded, it is distributed among the buckets depending on bill due dates and priority. When expenses are recorded, the buckets start to empty. Tipping a bucket over means you spent more money than you allocated for that expense.

$49.99, free trial.

Liquid Ledger

Liquid Ledger is fully featured Mac personal finance software.
Liquid Ledger is a trademark of Modeless Software, Inc.
Liquid Ledger 2 has a ton of personal finance features, and the software looks great. The built-in calculator, multiple currency support and ability to print checks are real time savers. I haven't tested Liquid Ledger 2 yet, but I'm putting it on my review list. The free trial and feature enhancements make Liquid Ledger worth a try.

$49.99 to download, $59.99 for download + software CD, $29.99 for upgrades, free trial.

SplashMoney for Mac

SplashMoney Mac or Windows is easy to use personal finance software with a simple budget feature.
Screen shot by Shelley Elmblad
SplashMoney started out as a Palm PDA application, then added desktop companion software which turned out to be pretty decent. Now you can get SplashMoney for your Mac desktop (Palm, Pocket PC or Smartphone software is optional). SplashMoney has good feature set, secure blowfish encryption and is easy to get around in and to use.

$19.95, free trial.

You Need A Budget

The Budget feature is central to You Need A Budget.Screen shot by Shelley Elmblad
You Need A Budget (YNAB) runs on a Mac courtesy of Adobe AIR, a platform that allows for YNAB's slick look with easy to read graphic qualities. YNAB is great for anyone who is really into keeping tabs on their personal budget, but it is also the budgeting software to check out for anyone who wants to get started with budgeting. YNAB offers some great options for support, learning about budgeting and living within your means.

$59.95, free trial.

Fortora Fresh Finance

Fortora Fresh Finance is personal finance software for Mac and Windows.
Fortora Fresh Finance BudgetFortora LLCScreen shot by Shelley Elmblad
Personal finance data in Fortora Fresh Finance can be shared among multiple users on one computer or over a network and data works with both the Mac and Windows versions of Fortora Fresh Finance. Each registered copy of Fortora Fresh Finance can be used on up to 3 computers, tech support is free and very responsive and Fortora plans to support multiple versions of the software as it is developed.

$44.99, free trial.


Home Page Moneydance 2012 personal finance software.
Moneydance 2012 Home Page© Copyright The Infinite Kind 2012

Moneydance is well-supported personal finance software with all of the features most people need, but manages to to keep the interface uncluttered and easy to use. Support for multiple currencies, decent financial reports and data back up to Dropbox online backup service are other notable features.

$49.99, free trial, special upgrade pricing.

Quicken Essentials for Mac

Quicken Essentials Mac personal finance software provides basic money management tools
Quicken Essentials Overview / Intuit
Quicken Essentials provides basic money management tools with a completely redesigned Mac-centric interface. The budgeting and reporting tools are good, and you can download and import transactions into banking or credit card accounts. There is no support for investments or bill pay, as was found in Quicken for Mac, which Quicken Essentials has replaced.

$49.99 for download or software CD. No free trial.


Enter transactions in GnuCash registers.  GnuCash is free financial software.
GnuCash has small business features, but also functions well as personal finance software for Mac and other operating systems. GnuCash has been translated into 21 languages and handles multiple currency exchanges, and it's free.


This is how you enter a transaction in AceMoney.
MechCAD Software / Shelley Elmblad
AceMoney is easy to use, but has a few quirks outlined in my review. But, the multiple currency and language support and simple yet effective budgeting tool are all a big plus, and the online user community can't be beat.

$39.99, 30 day free trial.
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