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Top 5 iOS Stock Market Apps for 2013


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Stock Wars - Virtual Investing for iOS
Try your hand at stock trading on your iPhone with Stock Wars - Virtual Investing.

Stock Wars - Virtual Investing for iOS

Continuous Integration, Inc.
Interested in putting some money in the stock market, but lacking the confidence to pull the trigger? Stock Wars for iOS is a virtual investing app that lets you set up a "pretend portfolio" so you can see how your stock picks would perform. This is a great way to gain experience in trading and investing without risking a dime.

Use Stock Wars to test trading strategies, learn from the strategies others use, monitor performance of your portfolio, and see real-time company news and Twitter feeds. You can practice trading stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, and currencies.

For more fun, set up trader groups and compete with friends to see who has the best trading strategies.

Cost: Free
iOS Compatibility: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad / iOS 4.3 or later / Optimized for iPhone 5
Download iTunes app store: Stock Wars - Virtual Investing

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