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Top 4 iPhone and iPad Apps for Splitting Bills and Tracking IOUs - July 2013


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Splitwise for iOS Splits Bills
Share expenses with Splitwise iOS app.

Splitwise iOS App

Splitwise, Inc.
Splitwise is a great app for sharing rent, utilities and other bills with roommates, to keep a reminder if you pick up the tab for a meal when others promise to pay you back for their portion, or to share any kind of group expense.

Use the app along with the online app at splitwise.com to track IOUs, send email reminders to those who owe you a repayment and to see balances. You can also split bills with Android users, but the Android app does not have identical features.

The Splitwise iOS app is nicely laid out with easy to read numbers and group member names. Icons show alongside different types of expenses, and you can delete a friend from a split bill once they pay up to really keep the screen clean.

Splitwise is available in over a dozen languages.

Cost: Free
iOS Compatibility: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad / iOS 5.0 or later / Optimized for iPhone 5
Download iTunes app store: Splitwise

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