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Top 3 iPhone Apps for Personal Finance Management - November 2012


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LearnVest Free iPhone Personal Finance App
LearnVest iPhone App manages all of your personal finances on your iPhone or iPad.

LearnVest Savings Goals and Budget

LearnVest, Inc.
LearnVest is a free, fully featured iPhone app that helps you stick to a budget, track spending and manage financial goals. Because it has so many features, this app takes up to 25 MB of memory. You can set up financial accounts and enter transactions and other information using the app or, if it's easier, set things up on the LearnVest Money Center online and your data syncs to the mobile app.

LearnVest tracks all your financial accounts and can automatically categorize expenses for effective budgeting, and you can enter cash transactions to track all your spending. The budget graphs update dynamically as you enter expenses and shows current spending and how much you have left to spend for the month and what your monthly average spending is for each budget category (folders in LearnVest). The financial goals section shows monthly progress for savings.

Personal financial data is protected with a pass code, and bank-level security is used when accessing accounts so none of your funds can be moved from any financial institution. LearnVest says no information is collected from the app.

You can also use this iPhone app to get smarter about managing money. LearnVest provides personal finance articles with tips and information that can be saved for later review.

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