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Top 3 iPhone Apps for Personal Finance Management - November 2012


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BillTracker iPhone App
Keep track of all of your bills with BillTracker iPhone and iPad app.

View Bills on a List or Calendar with BillTracker

Looking for a way to track your bills on your iPhone or iPad? BillTracker does just that for you, helping you to never miss paying a bill on time again. Add your bills to the app along with the due date and amount owed, and this mobile app alerts you when it's time to pay up. Recurring bills are supported so you only enter them once, and BillTracker saves a complete history that you can refer back to if you need to see when bills were paid. The app lets you enter and save confirmation numbers for online bill payments, too.

View a month's worth bills on a calendar or a list, which color codes upcoming and past due bills. There's also a spot to keep track of account and phone numbers and websites for payees.

BillTracker keeps your information private with a pass code and backs up your data, too. The back ups are done right on the device, so it's a good idea to save this data elsewhere every month or so.

BillTracker can be used with any currency.

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