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Top 4 iPhone Budget Apps 2013


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Visual Budget
Upcoming bills and budget report in Visual Budget app.

Upcoming Bills and Budget Report in Visual Budget App

Kiwi Objects
Visual Budget is a budgeting app for iPhone or iPad (iOS 5 and above), and the app has been optimized for Retina Display and iPhone 5.

Visual Budget comes with a set of income and expense categories. You can change the category names to suit your budget, and subcategories are supported as are recurring transactions and account reconciliation.

Transactions can be entered on your iPhone or iPad, or can be imported with iTunes file sharing from spreadsheets as CSV or from a bank download in OFX.

Budget reports include an on-screen pie chart that represents budget categories and monthly spending, an upcoming bills list, and a graph that shows account balances over time. A sample account with transactions is included so you can play around with Visual Budget a bit and learn how to use it well before you set up your own accounts and budget.

Download the free version, which is limited to 10 transactions per account, and if you decide to keep Visual Budget, you can upgrade from within the app for $4.99.

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