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What is E-file?


What is E-file?

IRS Efile

Definition: e-File is the term for electronic filing, or sending your income tax return from tax software via the Internet to the IRS or state tax authority.

Two benefits of filing taxes electronically over mailing in your return are that you will receive a tax refund sooner and your tax data goes directly to IRS computers with a greatly reduced chance of human keying or document scanning errors. E-filed returns cost 20 times less to process compared to a paper return, which saves tax payers a lot of money.

E-Filing can be done from a number of desktop or online tax software titles, and there is free tax software that includes federal e-File.

Now that you know what e-File is, find out if you should e-File your tax return.

Also Known As: electronic filing, electronic tax filing
Alternate Spellings: efile, e file, e-file

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