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Interview in TurboTax Freedom Edition Online

Completing Your Tax Return


Updated 2/04/2012
TurboTax Freedom Edition is part of the IRS Free File program and is usually accessed from that site.
Interview in TurboTax Freedom Edition Online
Once you start your tax return in TurboTax Freedom Edition Online, enter data while following the interview beginning with your as name, social security number and other personal information.

Throughout the TurboTax Freedom Edition Online interview, you will see Explain This and Guide Me links for additional help and explanations of what is being asked of you. Once you start entering your income, TurboTax Freedom Edition Online gives you the option to be guided with the interview or to select specific topics to go through. Unless you are extremely familiar with completing your tax return, use the guided interview.

Forward, Back and Save in TurboTax Freedom Edition

Do not use your browser's back and forward buttons in TurboTax Freedom Edition Online, instead use the Back or Next button at the bottom of each screen.

You do not need to complete your tax return in one sitting, use the Exit link on the top right to save your return to finish later in TurboTax Freedom Edition.

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