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TurboTax Freedom Edition Eligibility

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Updated 2/04/2012
TurboTax Freedom Edition is part of the IRS Free File program and is usually accessed from that site.
TurboTax Freedom Edition Eligibility
Eligibility for TurboTax Freedom Edition:

$28,500 adjusted gross income (AGI) or less
$38,348 AGI or less and qualified for the Earned Income Credit
$52,000 AGI or less and served in active military duty in 2006 (includes Reservists and National Guard; 2006 W-2 form from the military required).

TurboTax Freedom Edition offers state filing for those filing in Free File Alliance states, which may not be all of the 43 states that collect income tax. If you find your state is not supported, you can file your state return electronically for free.

TurboTax Freedom Edition supports IRS Forms 1040EZ, 1040A and 1040 but does not cover complex tax situations such as investments or rental properties. TurboTax Freedom Edition does not include the option to transfer your data from last year or importing 1099 or W-2 data.

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