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How to Use Attachments with Transactions and Accounts

Quicken Tutorial


Quicken Attachments in an account register.

Selecting Quicken attachments in an account register.

Working with Quicken Attachments Tutorial or Online Course will teach you all you need to know about using attachment images with transactions and accounts in Quicken personal finance software. You will learn about backing up and working with attachment files.

How To Use Quicken Attachments Tutorial

This is a hands-on tutorial with step-by-step instructions. A more structured e-class with the same material is also available and arrives by email once a day over three days.

Lesson 1 - Before Attaching Images in Quicken

Introduction: What are Quicken Attachments?
1.1 About Image Files
1.2 If You Need to Upgrade Quicken
1.3 What Types of Files Can Be Attached?
1.4 Where File Attachments are Stored

Lesson 2 - Transaction and Account Attachments

2.1 Create Transaction Attachments in Quicken
2.2 Create Account Attachments in Quicken
2.3 Viewing Quicken Attachments
2.4 Quicken Attachment Images too Big? Too Small? Reset the View
2.5 Print Quicken Attachments

Lesson 3 - Working with Quicken Attachments

3.1 Backing Up Quicken Attachments
3.2 Encrypting Attachments
3.3 Replacing Attachment Images
3.4 Deleting Quicken Attachments
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