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Interface Definition


Should you buy new personal finance software?

A good user interface makes software easier to use.

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Definition: The user interface in a financial software program or online personal finance app is the part of the software you, the user, sees and works with on your computer display. The interface consists of any screens that are viewed, typed in and clicked on.

You'll often hear of an interface being referred to as being intuitive. This makes reference to how the interface is designed and organized to make it is easier for the user to get around in the software and to find needed features to perform certain tasks. The more intuitive an interface is, the easier it is to use because buttons, links and features are found the vast majority of users would expect them to be.

Also Known As: Program Interface, User Interface
The interface in this year's tax software is much less cluttered, making it easier to research tax issues and faster to complete a return.

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