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What Does Import Data Mean?


It is possible to import data to tax software from personal finance software.

Importing Financial Data to Tax Software

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Definition: To import means to bring data saved from a source such as a secure bank website into your financial software. A typical data import would come from account transactions downloaded from your bank or other financial institution, where your financial software converts the data so that new transactions show up in the account register.

Another example of imported data would be to import an entire account, or data file can be imported from one software package to another to save on time with entering transactions. Account data and data files can also be exported and imported between the same software title and version on two computers.

Before you can import data, you need to follow a procedure to export and save the data from the online source. Read 3 Easy Steps to Download Transactions to learn how to export transactions.

Also Known As: Data Import, Import Data
I had to import my Microsoft Money Plus data into Microsoft Money Plus Sunset edition to be able to compare my old budget to my new budget.
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