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FAQs: Linking Files to Microsoft Money Transactions

File Types, Scanned Files, Paper Documents, Email and Web Pages


Microsoft Money Plus has a feature for linking files to transactions, useful for keeping important documentation for purchases, deposits or account credits together with the transaction data.

What File Types can be Linked to Money Transactions?

A file that is linked to a Microsoft Money transaction does not open in Money. Instead, Microsoft Money opens the software application associated with the file that is linked to a transaction, so a variety of file types can be linked.

The following file types can be linked to Microsoft Money transactions, although other file types will likely work as well:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Web Page (HTML)
  • GIF
  • JPG
  • BMP
  • PNG
  • PDF

How Can I Link an Image from a Paper Document to a Transaction?

To link an image of a paper document to a Microsoft Money transaction, you must first scan the document and save it as one of the file types listed above, typically a JPG or PDF. Save the scanned image file to the folder created to store files linked to transactions.

Can I Link Money Transactions to Email Messages or Web Pages?

Email messages, email attachments and web pages can be linked to Money transactions. Being able to attach this kind of information is convenient when you shop or pay bills online because receipts and payment confirmations can be linked to the charge or payment in Microsoft Money.

  • Save an email attachment: Right click on the attachment and click on Save As in your email client (or use drag and drop with Outlook Express).

  • Save an email message: With the message you want to link to a Money transaction open in your email client, click on File, Save As and save the message as text or HTML. If you receive email in text-only format save the file as as text, if you receive HTML mail save the file as HTML so you do not lose images which may have important information written on them.

  • Save a web page: Click on File, Save As (or Save Page As) in your browser. Save the page as an HTML file and when the link is opened from the Money transaction, your default browser with open and load an image of the web page.

Now that you know how to save files used to link to Microsoft Money transactions and what folder to store them in, you can link the files to transactions.

You can learn all you need to know to link files to Money transactions in the free e-course, Linking Files to Microsoft Money Transactions.

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