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Top 11 Budget Software and Online Apps

Budget on Your Computer or Online


Budgeting software helps you create and stick to a spending plan and usually has other personal finance features. This list highlights unique features of each budgeting software or online app to help you choose which will work best for you.

You Need A Budget 4 (YNAB)

The budgeting feature screen in YNAB 4.
You Need A Budget.
You Need A Budget 4 packs in many features and improvements over earlier versions and actually teaches sound budgeting practices as you use it. YNAB 4 runs on Windows and Mac computers, backs up data automatically and budgets can be shared among multiple users. Use this budgeting software and you could find yourself living debt free. Android and iPhone apps sync data to the desktop.

MoneyWell Budget Software for Mac OS

Manage money and your budget on your Mac with MoneyWell.
No Thirst Software
MoneyWell envelope budgeting software for Mac OS uses buckets instead of envelopes to show how much money you have left in each budgeted spending category. If you overspend in a category, its bucket tips over.

MoneyWell uses a one-window interface for setting up spending buckets, recording transactions and viewing reports. MoneyWell is shareware, so try it at no charge then buy it if it works for you. MoneyWell imports QIF data data from Quicken and Microsoft Money.


CalendarBudget is an online money management tool that tracks daily spending.
CalendarBudget Screen Shot by Shelley Elmblad
CalendarBudget free online budgeting software that uses a calendar to show you how your budget will be affected by income and expenses into the future. CalendarBudget has a clean look and a good set of features for future financial planning, but it does not automatically download transactions.


Set up your budget in BudgetPulse free online financial software.
BudgetPulse is very easy to navigate and use. While it doesn't have a lot of fancy features, BudgetPulse has solid budget tools and helps with managing financial accounts, spending, and tracking savings goals. You can make savings goals public to allow others to contribute funds to the goals.

PearBudget Online Budget Software

PearBudget is very simple online financial software that tracks a budget.
PearBudget online budgeting software tracks a monthly personal budget, applying envelope budgeting by using irregular expense categories for annual quarterly or other non-monthly expenses. PearBudget rolls unused amounts for irregular expenses forward to the next month to facilitate envelope budgeting and runs in four different Internet browsers, so it can be used on all operating systems.


Mvelopes is online personal finance software that manages money using envelope budgeting.
Mvelopes Toolbar
Mvelopes is a fully-featured online personal finance app with strong envelope budgeting features. Mvelopes is subscription-based and includes mobile apps for Android and iPhone. There's a free trial, just be sure to cancel the subscription on time if you decide not to use this software to avoid having your credit card charged.

Mvelopes Review


Inzolo is easy to use online envelope budgeting software.
Inzolo is a relatively new addition to the envelope budgeting software world, and it looks promising. Inzolo was created after the developer, Dustin Davis, found that spreadsheets were too time consuming for money management and that the personal finance software he tried was too light on budgeting features.

Dividing paychecks among envelopes, or anticipated spending categories, is done very quickly, and Inzolo supports OFX Connect to make importing transactions easier. You can try Inzolo for free, and plans are priced at $7/month with discounts for paying by quarterly ($17), annually ($57) or for a lifetime ($177). Inzolo has a mobile web app that runs on smartphone browsers.

NeoBudget Online Budget Software

NeoBudget Online Budgeting Software reduces debt.
Screen Shot by Shelley Elmblad - NeoBudget is a copyright of Tebros Systems
NeoBudget is low cost, easy-to-use online envelope budgeting software that includes a nice debt reduction module.

Budget by Snowmint Creative Solutions LLC

Budget by Snowmint Creative Solutions LLC is software that uses envelope budgeting principles.
Budget Snowmint Creative Solutions LLC
Budget by Snowmint Creative Solutions LLC uses virtual envelopes to show you how much is available to spend in each budget spending category. Budget includes calendar for budget reminders and investment tracking and uses QIF to import transactions from your financial institution and tracks investment account balances.

Budget by Snowmint Creative Solutions LLC has two desktop versions, one for Windows and one for Mac.


Track transactions and get a financial forecast with PocketSmith online app.
PocketSmith LTD
PocketSmith online personal finance app uses a calendar to forecast your budget well into the future. PocketSmith also tracks accounts, savings goals and includes financial reports. Import transactions yourself or set up automatic downloads.

Free Check Register Spreadsheet with Envelope Budgeting

It's Your Money's Check Register with Envelope Budgeting is an easy-to-use free spreadsheet template
It's Your Money's Check Register with Envelope Budgeting is an easy-to-use, great looking spreadsheet template that you can download for free. You will need to have Microsoft Excel 97 or later, or OpenOffice Calc spreadsheet. This envelope budgeting spreadsheet should work on a Mac with the right Mac spreadsheet software (Office for Mac for one).

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