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November 2012 Top Android Apps for Personal Finance Management


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Track Miles and Vehicle Expenses with Mileage Tracker
Use GPS to track mileage accurately with Mileage Tracker Android app.

Mileage Tracker Android App

Frank Android Software
If you need to track mileage for expense reporting or tax purposes, Mileage Tracker is an Android app that get the job done with real time GPS and auto trip start odometer for accurate reporting. Fuel, tolls and other travel related costs can be entered for full reporting.

Mileage Tracker supports multiple currencies and distance is measured in miles or kilos and you can use the app with multiple vehicles and businesses. Reports include annual, monthly, weekly and daily details and summary, monthly charts and a detail view, and report data can be saved to Dropbox or sent to Google Docs. If you use Dropbox, the database can be shared over multiple devices. Reports can be exported in CSV or HTML format for analysis in a spreadsheet or viewing with a web browser.

Your data can be protected with a password and the database can be backed up to an SD card, sent to your email or to Dropbox. Mileage Tracker can also be installed and run from an SD card on phones or tablets that run Android 2.2 or higher. Developed by Frank Android Software.

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