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December 2012 Top 3 Android Apps for Personal Finance


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Zillow Mortgage Calculator and Rates for Android
Calculate an affordable mortgage and check rates with the Zillow Android app.

Zillow Mortgage Calculator and Rates Estimates Payments and Shows Loan Options

This free app calculates home mortgages and lets you shop lenders real time to find the best rates on your Android mobile device. Three mortgage calculators have sliders for adjusting variables like the cost of the home, amount of down payment and interest rate. Zillow mortgage calculators include:
  • Affordability calculator, which tells you how much you can realistically afford to pay for a home mortgage.
  • Refinance calculator for estimating savings if you were to refinance you current mortgage, complete with the breakeven point.
  • Payment calculator, which lets you the monthly mortgage payment Zillow estimates with a break down by principal, interest, taxes and mortgage insurance. Change scenarios on this calculator by adjusting the dollar amount for the price of the home, your down-payment and various rates.
Charts and graphs give you a variety of details for your mortgage loan calculations with real time updates for interest rates. View the 30 years national average for mortgage loans and see the market trend for national and state interest rates by day, week, month, quarter, year or two years.

For your mortgage or refinance shopping, use Zillow Mortgage Calculator and Rates to create a request to see loans that are within your budget. No personal information is entered, so no one will contact you. After creating the request, you'll see loan quotes in the app, which include lender fees. The average number of quotes returned are 18 and you have to option to select from FHA and VA loans among the many type packages available. Compare the quotes and if you see something you like, you can contact the lender immediately.

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