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H&R Block Mobile Mobile Tax Apps for Tax Year 2012


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H&R Block At Home for iPad
Switch between doing taxes online and on your iPad with H&R Block At Home app.

H&R Block At Home Online and iPad App

HRB Digital LLC
You can file any personal tax return with the H&R Block At Home iPad app, regardless of how simple or complex it is. The app basically works just like H&R Block At Home tax software, with a tax interview that walks you through your return and a review that checks the return before you e-File.

You can work on your return on your iPad and then switch to working in H&R Block At Home Online since your return is saved and accessible in either (At Home Online Basic, Deluxe or Premium required).

Cost: Free to download, final cost depends on version used. See H&R Block At Home Versions, Features and Prices to learn which version you'll need.

  • Basic Federal $19.99
  • Deluxe Federal $29.99
  • Premium Federal $49.99
  • State return with Basic, Deluxe or Premium $34.99 extra
  • State return, no Federal $27.99
  • PDF of last year's return $9.99

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