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H&R Block Mobile Mobile Tax Apps for Tax Year 2012


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H&R Block App for iPhone, iPad or Android
H&R Block App on an Android mobile device.

H&R Block App 2012 for iPhone, iPad or Android

HRB Digital LLC
This free app isn't for completing your tax return, but it will help you get your taxes done because the H&R Block App gives answers to the most asked income tax questions. Get started with the Tax Estimator feature that tells you approximately what you can expect for a refund. There's also a checklist to help you to get the documentation together that you'll need to do your taxes, a tax term glossary with hundreds of definitions and the News & Updates let you know about situations that could have an impact on your taxes.

Did you have an H&R Block tax professional complete your taxes last year? You will be able to access your return with this app. Once you finish your return, you will be able to check on the status of your refund.

If you decide not to complete your own tax return, this app finds the nearest H&R Block office and you can use it to set up an appointment with a tax professional to get a quote on their tax services. Also, if you use a tax professional, you don't need to have all documentation together when you meet with them. The app lets you send documents to your tax pro.

Cost: Free

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