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H&R Block Mobile Mobile Tax Apps for Tax Year 2012


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H&R Block 1040EZ for iPhone or Android
File your 1040EZ on an iPhone or Android with H&R Block 1040EZ tax app.

H&R Block 1040EZ 2012 for Android and iPhone

HRB Digital LLC
As the name suggests, this app can only be used if you file a Federal Form 1040EZ for your tax return. The app is available in English and Spanish and uses H&R Block’s Smart Import to automatically import your Form W-2. This is useful because it cuts down on your data entry and the possibility of typing errors or transposed numbers. If you find your W-2 can't be imported, just snap a photo of it with your iPhone or Android camera to import the information from the form. Other than importing W-2 information, just answer a few questions, and your return is finished.

If you have student loan interest, you can use the H&R Block 1040EZ app, and if you decide to do a state return using H&R Block Online, your federal data transfers over.

Cost: Free to download, $9.99 to file. Additional charge for the following services:

  • Smart Import $4.99
  • Prior year return for 2010 or 2011 $9.99
Download H&R Block 1040EZ:

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